General Questions

  • How can you provide these speeds? Is the download speed really that high?
  • Do I need a telephone connection to have your fast internet?
  • Is everything included with a resident pack?
  • Do all your clients have the speed you promise?
  • Can I watch streaming TV with your connection?
  • Are you limiting something?
  • Does other activity on my service affect download/upload rates?
  • Is there service included?
  • If I feel that my internet connection is slow or not working properly?
  • Do you guarantee that my internet will always work and that the speed will always be the same?
  • Can we share our connection with neighbours, friends, or sell to tourists?
  • Can I have a fixed static public IP-address?
We are not limited to the speed that other companies deliver as we are a totally independent wireless internet provider and do not have to work with lines from other companies.
We have our own fiber network with a server in Madrid and we are capable of sending 'fiber' speeds through the air to your house. That is what we do!
And yes, these are real download speeds.
No. You do not need a telephone connection. You also do not need a contract with any other company. You deal directly with us and your fast internet will come directly from our network to the antenna on your house.
The one time installation fee to connect you to the internet (as mentioned in the packs) is 59 € (IGIC included).
The antenna remains property of JMA Internet Solutions but can be used for free. Also included is a LAN cable up to 10 meter coming from the antenna into your house.
Your internet is delivered on the end of that cable.
Not included is a WIFI Router.
You can use any WIFI router that has a WAN port on the cable that is coming into your house.
ADSL modem/routers will not work with our equipment though. The router has to have a WAN port and not a telephone connection as an entry port.
We will configure your own router for free if it is suitable to use with our installation. You can also buy a router with us for 40 €.
Also not included are: extra cable if the distance exceeds 10 meter (1 € /meter), a pole ( when no object is available to attach the antenna to, or if this is needed to obtain a good connection = 10 € /meter).

Up till now we have not connected one client that did not receive the speed of the package he had ordered. If we can not reach the speed you have ordered during the installation, we will not connect you. A lot of clients check their speed with a speedtest. If you do so, you will see that the speed is indeed limited to what you have ordered.
Do not check your speed through your router and certainly not wireless!
We have seen all sort of wifi issues like iPhones, iPads, tablets and wireless computers that seem to struggle to get a download speed of less than 5 Mbps on a 30 Mbps line!
This is why a correct speedtest should be done with one single computer, with a cable connection in the LAN port of the black POE box that is providing your antenna with power.
Not wireless and not through a router.
And certainly not with more than one device at the same time. In fact, if you really want to be sure that you are measuring correct there should be only one device connected directly to the internet connection. This is the only way that you can be sure that no bandwidth is used by another device while you are doing your test.
If the computer that you use is too slow or software is working in the background, you might get a false low result.
Please be sure that you also use a speedtest that is located in the Spanish mainland and not one coming from UK, Germany, USA, etc...
The road to that foreign server may be blocked with traffic, giving you a completely false result for your internet speed.
Example of a speedtest located in Spain.

You can use your internet connection according to our terms and conditions. This will allow you to do online activities such as browsing the web, accessing social media sites as well as downloading and streaming video, music and games.
As soon as you are connected you will see that we deliver sufficient speed to watch streaming TV.
However, we do not guarantee, nor do we offer service to provide you with a perfect working IPTV system, or any other system offering streaming television.
We, as a wireless internet provider do not recommend the internet for watching TV, regardless how fast your internet connection may be.
In our view, there are still too many problems with the boxes, the servers where the media comes from, the software, the way some IPTV providers try to get the data to you, the routes the data has to follow, the lack of the use of techniques as multicast, etc ...
Don't forget that live Internet television depends on the origin of the stream. Buffering should not always be attributed to your internet speed. The most likely culprits are general Internet traffic and the station's server being overloaded.
If you want to use your Internet for IPTV we do not recommend a wireless based system like ours for the above reasons.
Although it will be fine most of the time it will not be reliable when you probably want it most at peak times.
Your IPTV provider will always blame the internet connection if the system does not work as expected. But the truth is that the reason for problems with IPTV is not always the speed of your internet connection.
Please note that we do not support problems with IPTV.
We deliver internet connections, not live TV.

No, nothing is limited. Our managed wireless network seperates different types of traffic into groups: normal surfing, email, file transfer, Streaming video, IPTV, Torrents etc. High priority will be given to the main things like surfing and email. Certain types of traffic that can cause problems are given a low priority. If allowed to run without control some traffic would slow or even prevent the normal internet traffic from flowing. Some providers will simply block the services, we prefer to control them.
This still allows their use but limits the damage they can do and in peak times so the normal internet traffic continues to operate normally.
Torrents, peer to peer activity and IPTV are given the lowest priority.
Please remember also that it is forbidden to use our network for unauthorized sharing of copyrighted content!

Since normal surfing is given priority over all other traffic in our entire network, your own connection behaves similarly for the different things that you do with it.
You can do any type of traffic through your own connection: download things, or watch streaming video, ...
But as soon as someone in your own network/household starts surfing, his speed will be a higher part of your connection than for users or devices doing less prioritized things.

Yes, it does. IPTV will slow down the connection for other use because it uses a lot of bandwidth leaving less for other activities such as browsing, skype, ... .
And for instance, peer-to-peer file sharing can completely consume bandwidth - preventing browsing and other use. Performance may remain very low even after you have exited your P2P software. This is because other P2P users will send attempts to connect to your system and this will go on for some time after you have disconnected. These attempts will affect the performance of your internet connection.
Concurrent uploads will also have a serious impact on your download speeds. All data transfers send packages in both directions. So when you download a file, a stream of acknowledgement packets are sent in the return direction. These packages are used to ensure your download works properly. These packets require up to 1/4 of your download transfer rate.
For example, if you are downloading at 4,8 Mbps on a 12 Mbps line, your ACK packets may take up to 100% of your upload capacity of 1,2 Mbps.
If you decide to allow your P2P software to share (uploads to other users), it would be wise to limit the bandwidth for those uploads to a minimum so that you can have full use of your own download bandwidth.

No. We will deliver your internet connection and if it works as it should our work is done. We can check every connection from a distance. So if a client tells us his internet connection is not working properly, we can check if the problem is on our side or on the side of the client. If we know that our internet is working ok, we will not deliver services at home for free. So if you can not use our internet connection because of a a network problem in your own house (wireless router), or a device (computer, pad, phone, ...) not working ok, we will not come and check it and/or configure it for you for free. Prices for such an intervention can be found on our website.

If you feel that your internet connection is not working properly: first, be patient and wait a while.
The Internet is is a global network. It is normal that there are periods when speed to some destinations is lower than usual, due to factors beyond our control.
There are even times that some websites are not reachable at all while others are. Try to visit and if that works, it may well be that the website you try to visit is simply not reachable due to traffic to that website.
Don't jump at every performance 'blip' - they will likely be gone by the time you have reported them.
These glitches are just a part of the Internet. Especially on the island Lanzarote where we sometimes experience short periods of downtime or slow working internet in the lines coming from the mainland.
Make sure that your expectations are realistic. Especially for streaming media and in peak moments.
Consider other issues noted in this FAQ (example: if you are uploading a file, expect downloads to be slower).
If you have left a P2P connection program online, use IPTV, or if you are running servers, you should expect these to affect your performance seriously.
If you still feel that there is something wrong, contact us at or call support.

No. We work hard to provide our users with the best possible access. Our user packages are set to a particular upload and download speed, with that in mind. But we do not guarantee maximum speeds, the service is a best effort and may vary from time to time. We do however guarantee that we will do whatever we can to provide you with a good working and fast internet connection.
We are permanently improving our network. So if you experience slower internet than what you used to have, please give us some time. You will see that we will find a solution and get things back to where they were before.

No you can not. Resident connections are not to be used for these purposes. A resident connection is intended for use by one customer, sharing with others outside of the installed facility is not allowed.
Users are also expected to use the service in a reasonable manner including but not limited to e-mail, newsgroups, file transfers, Internet chat, online games, and browsing the World Wide Web. High volume or commercial use including but not limited running a server of any sort is strictly prohibited. Peer to peer software is regulated on the our network. Studies have shown that peer to peer software is abundant with viruses and adware, for this reason the decision has been made that we can throttle or prevent it's use at any time. This is done to protect the network, and it's users. Any attempt by the user to circumvent our policy may result in a disconnection.

Resident connections come with a dynamic address behind a firewall that protects the complete network. This is done for security purposes. We do not deliver public static IP addresses on resident connections.

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